Photo Assignments<3

Mixed Media-


Screen printing-

I decided to screen print the logo from my favorite show: Gilmore girls. Luke’s diner is an iconic place in the show, and I thought the yellow was fitting for the show’s color scheme (fall).



photo series link-


Image Recreation-

My image:

Petra’s image:


Block Printing-



Surrealism Art-

I wanted to portray eating disorders with this surrealistic piece. The knives have replaced the model’s hands as they grip their stomach to symbolize the danger they have become to their own bodies. There’s a mouth on the stomach that shows what they’re consuming, or what’s consuming them. In the mouth there’s a measuring tape that’s used to measure themselves, detox tea to lose weight, and a picture of calories to show them tracking their calorie intake. On the sides of the body we can see numbers that symbolize their weight drop and it says “it’s not enough” to show that no amount they weigh will be small enough.







Composition images




Composition questions-

  1.  I think composition is important in photography to keep originality and to take pictures from different perspectives so that they don’t all look the same.
  2. I’m drawn in by bright colors and abstract photography. I like images that look different and that hold a deeper meaning to them.
  3.  I’ve never been to an art museum but I have been to other museums, like ones for science. I would like to go to an art museum one day though, I feel like I would be able to draw a lot of inspiration from a place full of originality.










My Images-