Process Portfolio- Journal Page

Screen Printing- 

Monday 11/7/22- I was gone for a week from school, so I had missed a whole week on the screen printing and was behind. As soon as I got to class however, my teacher caught me up and had me paint the board with the chemicals needed to apply the transfer paper onto it. I was told that I needed to wait a day before doing anything else though since that’s how long it take for the board to get ready after using the chemicals. In the meantime, I got my logo ready and made it a threshold image in photoshop.

Tuesday 11/8/22- Today, I left my logo under the board with light on it for 18 minutes before I went to wash off the remains. Below is a picture of the process.

Wednesday 11/9/22- I had picked out a bigger version of the same logo to place on another board, however my other board appeared with strange dots from applying too much paint, so I couldn’t use it. I decided to work with the small logo I had and practiced printing it out on paper.

Thursday 11/10/22- This week is a short one as there is no school tomorrow, so I had to screen print my design onto my shirt already. I went with the color yellow since there was no white and it seemed to match the fall theme I wanted. I experienced a few errors, but overall I really enjoyed this project as I got to create my own shirt design with my favorite show. It had by far been my favorite assignment to complete, and I hope to do this again soon. Below is the final product.



Wednesday 9/21/22- We started block printing for the first time today. I searched for images on the web that would be easy to use. We were instructed to find images that could be printed out and traced on the mold. After I found my image of a dog paw (to resemble that of my dog), I printed it out and used a graphite pencil to scribble on the back of into make easier to trace on the mold.

Friday 9/23/22- Today I completed more of my image. I made progress by actually tracing the mold this time. After tracing with a pencil, I started carving my image to the mold. (see image below).

Monday 9/26/22- I focused today on going back to my mold and carving my image deeper. This was mainly just because I had a trial run and put fabric paint on a roller and rolled it onto my mold. I pressed the mold onto a piece of paper and I saw how it looked messy since the paint got into the crevices that weren’t carved deep enough.

Tuesday 9/27/22- I tried pressing my mold into another piece of paper this time and it worked much better. I knew just to make sure to press down harder when applying the mold to my board. I also started on painting my board with acrylic paint.

Wednesday 9/28/22- I added an abstract design to my board since I didn’t like the basic color I had originally. I dried it own and started thinking on what color to make my mold design.


Thursday 9/29/22- I finally finished my block printing (I made the image white).


Wednesday 10/5/22- Our next assignment is to do an image- recreation. I decided to find a photograph from Petra Collins because a lot of her work in general inspires me as an artist. The specific image I chose was a simplistic one that has emphasis on the model themself and the blue lighting. The blue could be recreated by lighting, or even in photoshop. The picture itself is simple to take since it’s a close up.


Friday 10/7/22- Today I shot the image for my recreation. I just need to put filters from photoshop now.

Tuesday 10/11/22- I used photoshop and made the image blue I also noticed at the end how I forgot to put tears in my recreated image, so I messed up right there. But here was the final product.


Thursday 10/13/22- I went back to photoshop today to take a screenshot of my history to upload on here, but I realized that I saved the image as a JPEG by accident. So, here’s my version history (which looks short and plain due to it not saving it).


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